Caleb, Still togging, Whereto from here…

October 29, 2019

How do we do this again? JOKES!

I’m not here to bore you with reasons for not maintaining this blog as well as I’d like to. I’m here today for a well overdue update.

When I’ve started this I had no idea about the direction I should be taking. One day at a time as they say. If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that I’m happy that I started though… very.

I picked up the camera because of how difficult it is to work on my first love, drumming, in my current living situation. With no obvious work around, I poured my passion into a more quieter craft. I’m dreaming of the day where I’d be able to combine the two. Sooner than later, I hope.

Life’s changed drastically for Deenah and I after buying our own place and welcoming our “boykie” into the world. It goes without saying that priorities have shifted a lot.

Caleb Maverick Coltman

That’s his name. It’s been decided when we spoke about the idea of having kids. Weird? Idk.

Unless you’ve met him personally, you’d probably only know him by the tiny hands or feet we post. It was just an unspoken agreement, even at the time of going for scans, that we won’t upload images of him to social media. I promise he looks like me though, with the exception of those dimples – that’s totes on his mom.

He brings us so much joy to our days just by being his innocent self. I’m sure many parents can agree that your capacity to love (sometimes fiercely) increases once you have a child. He consumes our thoughts. I sometimes catch his mom looking at photos/videos of him while he’s sleeping, lol.

We keep a diary of our thoughts surrounding this new journey of parenthood. Is that something you’d like to follow? Let me know.

Still Togging

With the exception of my 2 last posts, I’ve totally abandoned ship on social media. I’m still taking photos though, just not the ones I enjoy making a fuss about.

Matric Farewells issa thing, hey? I mean… it’s big. I’ve been afforded some opportunities to capture those along with other events. I must admit that I really miss portrait photography though. I hope to pick it up again soon. For now, hit me up if you need your event covered! *wink wink*

Where to from here…

Who really knows? If my life had a theme right now, it would be “figuring it out”. I do, however, have an idea about the blog and the direction I want to take with the content I post here.

First of all, I’m changing the look and I’m kinda excited about it. Secondly, we’re getting personal. If I’m opted to, I’ll be sharing more about my thoughts surrounding current affairs, my family and my faith. This will be a separate catergory to the blog.

I must admit that “lifeafter8_5“, along with some other things, took a bit of a back seat. (I mean, OBVIOUSLY, right?). However, I’m taking baby steps to getting back in there. All in due time.

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