Update post! - May 2018

I’ve been horrible at adulting in general these last few weeks. With a huge takeover in effect, work life got the best (in fact, almost all) of me. When I hit home afterwards, the only thing I wanted to do was go full on vegetable. If it wasn’t accommodated by guilt, I probably would’ve been at it still. Luckily that little voice tore me away from a new found PUBG Mobile addiction. (BTW…add me – mavo187)

In the hopes of getting rid of a few cob webs on the blog, I thought I’d do an update post.

Firstly, I’m excited to have added 2 more things to my gear list. A Godox TT685N speedlight and XT1-n trigger. Check out the unboxing here. Formerly, my ability shoot poorly lit (indoor) events was stifled by my lack of a flash. In turn, my availability to do such a shoot would depend on whether I could secure one for that date or not. So, needless to say, I’m happy with the purchase. Saved about 2k by purchasing it abroad via Aramex Global Shopper again. (I know I sound like a fan boy… I am one) Bonus!!

Secondly, I did two portrait shoots recently. It was really a need for a creative outlet and it paid off.

For the first one, I wanted to test out the flash so I asked a buddy of mine. We visited two locations but unfortunately, with a total of 30mins shooting time and 2 security guard struggles, we didn’t get much out of our efforts. They weren’t having it. Lesson : research your location FIRST. What we did get to create was dope, though.

For the 2nd one, I threw a blanket request on my Instagram story the day before the shoot because I was reluctant to ask someone on such short notice. Luckily, Kelly from, whom I’ve worked with before, was super keen. This one was fun because 1 – no security guards and 2 – because of the spontaneity of it all. All but a few ideas were unplanned.
With one dope outfit, props, 4 locations in the same vicinity and golden hour (GOSH! That sun light was amazing), we made magic. Here’s some of my favourite shots:
Lastly, I mananged to make time to record 2 vlogs. They’re different and it might be the start of a slightly new direction for Life After 8-5, so look out for those on my YoutTube page.
That concludes this short update. There’s much more going on but I’m editing out the boring, work related parts. This is life AFTER 8-5.
Now that the cob webs are gone, the next time you’ll hear from me is much sooner. Promise. Stay tuned!

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Trevor Noah - Born a Crime (book review)

Having been a long-time Trevor Noah fan, since his “Tonight Show with Trevor Noah”, I can recite most of his jokes verbatim. The only thing is, mine always ends with, “mxm, you should see how Trevor does it”.

Trevor is a great artist, painting vibrant pictures with his comedic stories. Because of his genre of work, it is sometimes easy to miss the great sense of culture the man has. His book, however, displays that perfectly. Trevor is rooted in culture and is as pure a South African as they come.

I’ve never been an avid bookworm, but I recently grew a distinct love for many things homegrown. I decided to pick up “Born a Crime” and finished it in a week. To put that into perspective, I’m still busy reading a book of similar length for just over a year now.

It was gripping and took me on a long, emotional roller-coaster. Trevor speaks about his upbringing, with him and his mother, Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah, at the very centre of it. He describes them as being team-mates, which is emphasized by his mother’s sentiment she constantly shared with him as a boy. “It’s me and you against the world”.

He grew up during apartheid. Although it being close to the “end” of it and near to the start of democracy, it was still long enough for him to be affected by it first-hand. Where and how they lived was greatly influenced by the governmental system of the day.

Trevor leads readers into his day-to-day as a young boy right through to his young adult years, which were filled with everything from a makeshift business of pirating to DJ’ing to petty theft and routine loan-sharking just to get by. We experience his romantic encounters in a three-part series of chapters accurately dubbed as “A Young Man’s Long, Awkward, Occasionally Tragic, and Frequently Humiliating Education in Affairs of the Heart”. He also let’s readers into the abuse he was subjected to as a boy, most of which were at the hands of his then step father.

The book ends with one of my favourite chapters, the gripping “my mother’s life”, tying together many of the bits and pieces that led up to it. Ending with a horrifying event, one that I don’t intend on spoiling for potential readers, I was left in both shock and awe.

Despite many serious and deeply emotional revelations, Trevor’s comedic personality was evident throughout the book.

His mom – a woman of faith… strong, “Jesus is my medical aid” Christian faith, was determined to raise a man whose future won’t be determined by his circumstances. With that faith came the fact that the rod was not spared. Something all too familiar to Trevor. It turns out she did a pretty good job, I’d say.

This is one book that made me look back at my childhood. I could relate to some of the things Trevor experienced. Although, being a coloured looking kid in a black family during apartheid – he was arguably worse off.

It’s a guaranteed laugh and a guaranteed tear jerker at the same time and a book I’d definitely recommend to anyone, especially South Africans.

Have you read this book? Let me know in the comments below. Also, what’s your favourite Trevor Noah joke/story? 🙂

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