Important realization!

October 4, 2018
You’re a Creative. Yes, you!
A creative isn’t only synonymous with nor limited to artists. Even business-oriented, academically-minded people are creative. If you have the ability to make known what is unknown; to reveal what is hidden; to give life to ideas… if you can CREATE… then you’re creative.

Sometimes we fall victim to opposing opinions, causing our thoughts about ourselves to be subpar. Many times the way we see ourselves doesn’t add up to our intrinsic value. It all starts here and if you don’t start right, then every other effort contributes to a tiresome losing battle.
Hey! That thing that only you can see… That seed… you better plant that. For you AND for posterity.
This isn’t exactly a clean cut articulation of my thoughts surrounding this but I think it’s fitting, really. A case in point, if you will. Proof that it doesn’t HAVE to be perfect. Just use that creativity, get it out and give it a chance to grow and inspire others.

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