My TOP 10 favourite portrait photographers on Instagram

November 20, 2019

I draw inspiration from some amazing photographers on Instagram. When the “save” feature came around, I was so happy that I could easily revisit some of the images that ignites my inner Nigel Barker. (A guy can dream, right? LOL)

In no particular order, here’s a list of my top 10 favourite portrait photographers that you can follow on Instagram right now.


Whether it’s BW or Colour,
Xeni Zasetskaya does extraordinary work with light. I’m not sure what it is about her photos that grasps you into that moment, but they do it very well. Be careful, this one can pull you down a rabbit hole of endless scrolling.


It’s the minimal alteration to colors. Actually… it’s the slight underexposure. You know what? Whatever Kai Bottcher is doing here, it works. I often end up wishing I took these photos. They’re so good!


Light Light Light Light. That and the amazing usage of complementary and monochromatic colors in his editing. This is what makes Guilherme Rossi’s images stand out. It inspires me to put in MUCH MORE thought to my work.


Dean Petersen’s slightly unsaturated look just doen’t seem to go out of style, probably because it’s only a small part of what makes his work so great. I especially like his portraits taken with wide angel lenses. Plus, he makes me wanna pack my bags, move to Cape Town and just live off photography.


Kooné’s work is an experience of note. It just “jumps” at you at every scroll… (I immediately regret that joke, but I’m leaving it here). As if this doesn’t make his work unique enough, the inclusion of sometimes abstract architecture just sets him completely apart when it comes to images on my TL/explore page and, I’m sure, in general as well.


I’d almost swear that Fernando Chassot’s work is just snippets/screenshots from movies. There’s a storytelling aspect to his portraits and I promise, it’s not just becuase of the inclusion of grain. You just feel like you understand what is happening in each “scene”. See for yourself.


Nirav Patel…who are you even. Again, one of my favourite usages of light is displayed in these portraits. Only some of the best photographers can conceptualise the way she does. They’re the ones that does the most with even just a sliver of light.


“Take me there” sums up the feeling I get from Bryan Castillo’s images. It’s like his portraits accentuates the places it’s captured at. Whether it’s intentional or not, it works!


Jack’s work can fool you into thinking that he does nothing to some of these images, when in fact he does just enough of all the right things. This speaks a lot about the man’s ability to conceptualise, get the shot and polish that raw files into something beautiful. I want to shoot like this when I grow up.


Kas’ wardobe styling takes his portraits to another level. The man knows about streetwear, composition and color science. His work is just pleasing to the eye. His page is easy to get stuck on.

That’s my list of faves for 2019. Have you got anybody who inspires you to do better at your craft?

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