Please use this form below to tell me as much about your day as you can. I realise that it might not be entirely relevant as every wedding is different but hopefully you can use it to let me know where people will be, and when, and what is happening! The more I know about the day in advance the better!

The idea is that I can have a comprehensive timeline so I can put together my own itinerary and ensure I am always in the right place at the right time and that your wedding photography coverage is totally awesome!

Please do not omit any details, regardless of how minute they seem.

Before we jump into the form below, here are some tips to consider for your big day to take your photographs to the next level!!

Get dressed in a well-lit room. White linen is always a good choice.

You spend a fortune on your dress, so why not make sure you have a pretty rotatable hanger to photograph it on?

Veils make for absolutely magical images. If you’re opting for the traditional veil instead of the more modern birdcage veil, ask the designer of your dress for a lovely long veil that goes really well with your dress. Long dramatic veils make for absolutely gorgeous photographs.  So don’t hold back!

Make sure you clean the room of any clutter you don’t want in your photographs before I arrive.  This includes travel bags, plastic bags, shoes, empty plates, etc.

Whether you’ve assigned your mom or your maid of honour to help you get dress, asked them to be dressed and have their hair and makeup done before you start getting ready, as they too will be part of your getting ready photographs.

Brides, I know it’s commonly the groom’s job to keep the wedding rings with him, but if at all possible, can you keep them?  Just for the photographs.

Please hire a professional make-up artist and hairstylist. It is so important that you feel absolutely gorgeous on your big day. If you need me to refer you to a good make-up artist, please let me know.

Please inform me if you make any last-minute changes that I should know about.

Please have 1 or 2 sets of all your wedding stationery at your getting ready location for me to photograph; this includes a save-the-date, invite, menu, programs and if you have your vows printed on pretty paper, add that in too.

Hold that first kiss just a little longer!

If you’re getting married outdoors, please stand under a shaded area to avoid direct sunlight and shadows on your faces.

During the reception, if at all possible, have fairy lights, sparkles, candles, or any other little details that add light to a room.

Inform the MC about when and where group photos will be taking place. He has the mic and therefore the power.

When considering your timeline, please schedule everything backwards from sunset.  Please schedule your couple photo session for 90 minutes before sunset, your ceremony an hour before that (depending on the length of it), your getting ready session 2 hours before that, etc. So we can have beautiful soft light for your couple photo session. Please be aware that if you run very late, this will negatively affect your photographic coverage. If possible, please be punctual.

Please insure that you include travelling time between events when working out your timeline.

Other than this, stay excited and remember to have fun on your wedding day!