Wealth Masters review…kinda

I do not have the words to describe just how much my life has changed over the weekend of attending Wealth Masters.
New Dawn International hosted Dr. Hosiah Tagara, the founder of Wealth Masters.
I wanted to vlog about the experience, but in whichever way I tried, I simply could not relay, neither in verbal nor written form, the true essence of such an awesome encounter. I just made peace with that. It’s one of those things where the only way I will be able to do any justice to what we received is to live it.
That being said, I cannot say nothing about it either so I’ve decided that instead of trying to summarise my experience in a blog post, I will take key principles that were shared and give them to you right here.
There were many, but the five listed below are among those which immediately impacted me.
#1 “You are, today, the total sum of the experiences in your life”.
I am beyond happy that I’ve got to experience this. A very high level of impartation of the word. My life literally changed with every key that’s been given. Within the scope of your entire life, this principle gives so much weight to the fact that there will never be another you, simply because no-one will have the exact same experiences that you have in your life. Not in your time, not in your location, not in your generation.
There is something that you have that is unlike anything else.
#2 “People are destinies wrapped up in skin”
There are 7.5 billion people in the earth. Even if you live 100 years, you won’t even meet 10% of them. So those you do meet, you are meant to meet. In fact, the people you meet indicates a change of season in your life.
#3 “You are not going to become what you think. You already are what you think.”
Stemming from Proverbs 23:7, this was kind of an eye opener. Sometimes we read scripture with preconceived baggage that blinds us from what is right in front of our eyes. I’d be the first to admit that I’ve always read this scripture with a time-conscious mindset. I understood the “thought” to “being” to be a process, whereas scripture says otherwise. Frankly, looking at this principle outside of the bounds and laws of time, it won’t make any sense to us. If you think you’re poor, you’re already poor.
There’s something I’m missing in the principle because CLEARLY, I’m not batman yet, despite my thoughts.
Lol. It’s like God knew that I just needed that part to make sense and Dr. Tagara proceeded in saying, “the place where you frequently visit (in your thoughts) is where you will permanently reside”. This is powerful. Some people already think about divorce when they’re still happily married. On the flip side, some people constantly think of their future success when conditions around them are extremely poor. It is beneficial to us to frequently visit the place of our respective destinies.
#4 “Sometimes we look everywhere but in the right place… which is inside of you”
If there’s something you’re looking for but cannot find it anywhere, yet you cannot deny the conviction inside of you that’s telling you it’s there, it’s inside of you. There’s something that only you have that needs to be packaged properly to create value.
#5 “Your belief that something is for you is reflected in how well you prepare for it.”
Woah! Immediately, I looked back at my life and just how much I’ve put into preparing for what I know is mine. It is good practice to be prepared for when opportunity finds you.
Those, along with some other life changing information is what impacted and changed my thinking (and being, haha) the most. I hope it adds value to you as well.
If you’d like to know more about Dr. Tagara, his Wealth Masters seminars or his books, you can check it out at www.wealthmasters.co
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