Frequently Asked Questions


Do you travel?

YES!! I love to travel. Hit me up right away, let’s talk all about your ideas!

What should I wear? Any suggestions??

Sure do! I have a great guide on what to wear, let me know you’re interested and I’ll send some more in-depth info right over. But, in general – it’s whatever makes you most comfortable and feel your absolute best. I’m all for buying a new outfit if it will bring out your best, but I always suggest only wearing things that you normally would wear on a date together or a fun afternoon. Things that photograph well are patterns, layers and accessories. Coordinate your colours, even match a few here and there, but try to avoid all wearing the same colour. Most of all, be comfortable and confident.

Will you pose us for our portraits?

This is probably one of my most asked questions from couples, don’t worry, I repeat do not worry. I won’t leave you hanging and feeling awkward. Our time together will mostly be just laughing, looking at each other, joke-telling, story sharing, running around all while creating beautiful photos. If the time comes where you need some directing I will be right there to help. PROMISE!!

Is an engagement session necessary?

Well, I am ALL ABOUT shooting as much as possible. Your engagement session together is just another way we can connect before the big day! Not only will it be fun to hang together, it will also get you used to being in front of the camera and seeing how I work and how you feel. I absolutely LOVE engagement sessions. They are laid back and usually are just an hour of laughing and building chemistry. They’re the best.

What's your turn around time?

I try to get your pictures back to you ASAP – I definitely know you are anxious and excited to see them. I am super excited for you, but I do want your images to be as perfect as possible so I hand edit each and every one. This usually takes at least 3 weeks for portrait sessions and anywhere around 10 weeks for weddings. I do give a sneak peek before then though!

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