Can something be done?

I’ve had my mind made up all day about getting home and vlogging about recent experiences. I recently fell in love with filmmaking and that is my preferred method of documenting things in a creative way. Some choose blogging, I’m not much of the writer unless there’s the occasional spurt of inspiration.
As soon as I hit home, despite all the excitement I’ve had looking forward to sharing a new piece of work with other creatives out there, I just didn’t have any energy left to do that after a full week of corporate, 8-5, grinding. Ek is poot uit!
I realised a while ago that with every second passing, you are literally moving closer and closer to the end of your life on earth.
This reality made me ask some hard questions and made me sit down, and really think about where and what I want to invest my time in. If a lifespan is a measure of time then essentially what you invest your time in, you invest your life in. Simply put, you give a piece of your lifetime away and many of those with a dream, like me, may feel like the return is just not worth the investment.
This made me extremely frustrated with spending most of my time at a job, for a company, that was founded by someone who decided to invest his or her time (and therefore, his/her life), in building their dream and manifesting what’s inside of them…perhaps what they knew to be their calling or purpose on earth.
This is what I want to do and I know many others who does too.
You, dear reader, may just be one of those who are already spending their life making what is inside of them a reality or also wanting to do just that.
I was over the conventional reasoning and thinking in the ways that has for years been passed on as the gospel truth. You know…stable job & steady income as opposed to uncertainty and no guaranteed basic salary. With that being said, I do have to be, let’s call it “responsible” and consider the rent, car and other bills that are invoiced to me monthly.
I’ve done quite a bit of research and one thing’s for sure. There is no “one size its all” approach to tackling this.
Once I put it through the test, I’d like to share my take and decision in this.
If you’re in the same boat as me, what is your take on it? How did you or are you deciding to deal with this. Are you dealing with it at all?
PS : This story continues…


  1. This is part of the reason my husband recently took the leap to start his own business, something he is so passionate about. Scary and exciting, but the drive is definitely there much more when you are doing what you love and its for yourself. Good luck look forward to seeing the how this thought process plays out.

    1. Vee, I’m so happy that hubby took that leap. It’s true what u say about that drive. Your perception changes when it’s your passion and you’re building something that’s inside of you.
      Great success to you guys and thanks for leaving your thoughts on this one. Im looking forward to seeing the growing process.

  2. Sigh, story of my life. But I have (a lot of) children to feed, so can’t just ditch the 9 to 5 as yet. It’s the dream though!

    1. Lol Luchae. That reality check though!
      I love what the community of creatives are doing with the collabs. It seems to be one solution to have another part time, “doing what you love” job in collaboration with others than to drop everything and pursue the dream full time. At least in the beginning. Something we could definitely grow.

  3. Wow Mav, thanks for sharing this. Recently I’ve really been thinking about my way forward. And since nothing is set in stone, it’s really awesome reading about your perspective and where you are. It inspires me to fight for the unconventional way of doing things. That core desires, I’m afraid to tap into because of the fear of swimming against the current. Looking forward to reading the rest of your story!

    1. Voni šŸ™‚ I’m glad that this left you feeling inspired, especially in that way. I cannot wait for you to cone down so that I can use whatever resources I have to help build those core desires. It simply has to happen

  4. You’ve already made the first step – fueling the desire.
    I haven’t worked for a boss in something like 25 years. Here’s something I realised a long time ago – everything you do either contributes to your dream or takes away from it. There is no such thing as neutral actions or words.
    If you stop smoking in January you can have a new lens by December. If you stop braaing you can have it by August. And if you skip the new jeans you can have it earlier. Could you have bought a smaller car and got the new camera plus studio lighting instead? Instead of writing the blog article you could have watched a lesson on video editing on you tube šŸ™‚
    You have to make your passion your priority!
    I wear takkies from street vendors. Jeans from Mr Price. And wear them until not even a beggar wants them. I can more than afford it but I buy second hand speaker stands from Cash Crusaders and adapt them for lights. All because I am living with the awareness that I will never work for a boss again – and have more than one dream.
    Starting today make sure every cent, every minute, every word contributes to the dream. And do whatever you can to fulfill other peoples dreams at the same time. Together the two lead to an independent life – quicker than you think possible.

    1. Wow. There’s a difference between knowing something and living it and it’s very clear that you fall into the latter category. I can definitely take from what you said. The part about everything either contributes or takes away from the dream just hits home. Thank you for such an insightful comment!!

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