The thing about holidays… *rant*

I think I hate my job. Pretty unique of me, I know.
Hate is such a strong word, so it would be negligent of me to have it misdirected. It isn’t. Let me explain…
The thing about holidays…
The thing that I both love and dislike about holidays is perspective. So much perspective is gained by just stepping away from the norm. I love it because there’s a peace that accommodates understanding. I dislike it because it makes going back to that norm really hard.
My natural resistance to patterns makes it all the worse. Doing the same thing everyday is the main reason why it has become increasingly difficult to enjoy my job. But alas, the bills.
I can do it, don’t get me wrong. In fact, I can be very good at it. I can stomach it, slap a smile on my face and carry on as per normal, despite constantly thinking how much more creative I could’ve been using these 9 hours that seems to go by very, very slowly. The thing is, I don’t want to feel like I HAVE TO…like I’m trapped doing this. That is the case right now.
When I was off for 2 weeks, I got to do what I love. I studied the Word. I photographed and recorded videos. I met and worked with new people. I explored the Bay. I worked on qualities I felt I could improve on. I ate when I wanted to (no 30m lunch break, lol), started working early and ended as late as I needed to in order to finish whatever creative project I was busy with.
I don’t enjoy complaining. I think it has nothing positive to contribute to any situation. However, I needed to vent this time.
Venting over…
I was pretty hesitant to kick off this “quick reads” category with this tone so here’s a hula-hooping unicorn to strike a balance.


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