Small Street, Big City!

The last time I visited family in Johannesburg was about 2 years ago. They took me to the CBD, particularly to the ironically named, Small Street. It’s the equivalent to PE’s Durban Road, except 100x bigger and busier, making it anything but small. Deenah didn’t get to see it last time so we made it our aim to take her this time around. So, yesterday we visited Small Street again, a must see for any fashionista I might add.

We easily covered a couple of kilometres by foot, browsing the endless amounts of shops. Filling a bag here or there. Maybe she’ll share some of her goods with you on
I, however, was intrigued by the tall buildings. I didn’t have my camera (nor any other bags) on me for safety reasons so besides a few snapshots on my phone, I couldn’t capture any of it.
Before we headed home, my cousin insisted that we go to the top of the Carlton Centre. It’s the tallest skyscraper on the continent, earning the name, the “Top of Africa”. What? Yes! This was the perfect consolation for missing out on some street photography.
50 storeys later, we had a bird eye view of Johannesburg CBD and could even see s far as Soweto. I could bring my camera along this time. I shot most of these with my kit lens, the Nikon 18-55mm. If you follow my work, you’d know I’m more into portrait photography, but I tried to capture our moment at the top.

Check it out below 🙂


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