Shooting the runway at Mandela Bay Fashion Week!

Last week, my wife got invited to the Mandela Bay Fashion Week to do some media coverage in her capacity as a blogger. It was a 3-day event and she got to take a +1 with her on each of those nights.

I tagged along at the final day of the event and took along my trusty D5300. My plan of action was to pop my on-camera flash on there and boom…I should get decently lit images. But alas, the ceiling of the Tramways Building was too high for me to bounce the light off of.

My only other option was to crank up that ISO. I set my camera to Aperture priority mode instead of Manual because of my moving subjects in an already low light situation. The last thing I wanna do in those conditions is fiddle around with settings with most of my shots.

I must say that I’m pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I know for a fact that if you push the ISO pass 1600, I may have had very visible grain in my images. I kept it right under that mark and hit kind of a sweet spot at F/2.2-2.8 and a shutter speed upwards of 1/250

Although my lens can open up wider (to F/1.8), I didn’t want to risk missing focus when the models were moving towards/away from me. That focal plane is way to shallow for my baby DSLR to keep up with in those circumstances. With the exception of missing 2 shots, these settings worked out great.

Here’s some shots I managed to grab and edit for this post. Check out my Facebook Page to see the featured models or head directly over to the Mandela Bay Fashion Week‘s account for more information on the designers as well.

Let me know what you think. This was a vibe…. a dope one!


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