From the PC to (the) IG

Hey you! 

So my phone fell and the screen cracked a while ago. I was delaying for the longest time but after noticing some discoloration, I figured it was time to send it for repairs. Luckily Huawei offers up to 2 free screen repairs. So SCORE!


My sister got a new phone so she offered me her old one in the meantime so that I’m not completely cut off from all things social media. Sweet.

Upon attempting to use Instagram (IG) though, I found a bug which causes my uploads to be completely black. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, installed an older version, tried to upload another copy of the photo to no avail. The app just wasn’t having it. 


Being on my PC a lot and a Google Chrome user, I started to look for ways where I could upload IG photos directly from it, without having to install an Android emulator. 


I found a solution – Mobile Browser Emulator


The name is pretty self explanatory. It emulates a mobile browser on your pc. 

If you’ve used the Instagram web app before, you’d notice that one prominent feature is missing from it – the upload button. 

Luckily this is a pretty simple workaround with minimal effort required. Let me walk you through it :


If you’d like to get on it immediately, then simply click here.

Otherwise, google “Mobile Browser Emulator”… the first result should be a link to the app on the Chrome Web Store. Select Add to Chrome and voila, you’ll find a shortcut to the emulator on the top right corner of your Chrome browser. 

From here on out it’s a breeze. The emulator turns any selected tab from desktop view to mobile view…and with Instagram, this brings back that sweeeet upload button, bottom center, waiting for you to upload your next #foodshot or #laptopselfie….whatever floats your boat. 

Tips :

Store your images on your pc, or flash drive that you can access through the upload window. 

Save hashtags to a document, copy and paste it into your upload. 


App’s Site –


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