EC Meet up 2017 – my take and experience

Like many fellow human beings who occupies a 5 day/8-5 job, I look forward to my weekends. Although for me they very seldom mean partying, or doing activities that’ll level up my social status but I allocate at least one of the days to be creative. Today was no different. I finally got some time to take out my camera, finish some editing work that’s almost due and the very sweet cherry on top that made this Saturday just a bit more special – The EC Meetup. Man! Where do I even begin?
If you haven’t heard of it yet, the EC Meetup is an event held in the Eastern Cape, particularly PE, aimed at bringing together the local community of bloggers and influencers for the purpose of equipping them with the necessary tools to make a success of their respective crafts and skills. It also affords them the opportunity to network, which is an absolute necessity to grow yourself as a brand. It caters to those who already has a voice and online presence as well as for the individuals who aspires to make their voices heard. This year, the event was held at The Plantation Wedding & Conference Venues.
There were 2 main speakers at the event. Davene of Davene Prinsloo Photography who shared her expertise as a professional photographer and blogger, giving us insight into the technical aspects of correct composition, lighting, scaling, formatting, how to effectively tell your story through images and the important role it plays in your blog posts. (Bet you can’t say all that in one breath). Locally, Davene needs no introduction and her work reflects a high, quality standard. That standard gave so much substance to everything she shared with us today.
The 2nd speaker was Mandy Lee Miller from Pregnant in Cape Town who is a self-employed and successful writer, editor and brand consultant. Mandy flew in all the way from Cape Town to share her wealth of knowledge with us. Her session drove me to do everything I do creatively much better than I currently am. Business sense, networking and PR skills, you adding value as a brand is but a few of the topics she touched on before having to leave to catch her flight back to the Mother City.
Those were the speakers but I wasn’t properly prepared for this part – the giveaways. Can I just say that EC Meetup got the hook up?! Can I?! My people, Christmas DID come early, lol. (I like gifts, okay?)
Besides the goodie bags we received upon arrival, we were treated to a round of lucky draws with some awesome gifts up for grabs. It ranged from vouchers for web and logo design, expert SEO services, B&B stays and goods from Woolworths and Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism to name a few.
Being the coffee lover that I am, I was drawn toward the Nespresso coffee machine and ended up winning it. It was glorious, although 5 mins after collecting my prize, my wife tried to convince me that “we” won it. Not “I”….but “WE” #marriedlife
All in all, the EC Meetup was a professionally organised event, one that I was very glad to be part of. I feel like, creatively, my life just got an upgrade and I can’t help feeling a sense of pride for what the community of influencers put together in our hometown. As a growing blogger and content creator myself, I am particularly grateful toward those who are the forerunners of this event and that we don’t have to travel outside of the supposed “armpit of SA” to gain knowledge from industry pros and network with those who are already established in the industry.
If you’re at all interested in establishing an online presence and building your brand, this is one event that will set things in place to push you beyond any limitations as a blogger and “influencer” – a term, as you may have noticed, I have gladly adopted after today. Props to the organizers, Luchae Williams from My Spreadsheet Brain and Eleanor Douglas Meyers from Just Ella Bella for making it happen.
I end off this post with some photos below & I end off my very productive, and creatively awesome Saturday with a quote that stuck with me from one of the sessions – “Don’t think outside of the box. Think like there is no box”


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