Dodge & Burn - worth the effort?

I mean, it’s there for a reason, so it has to be right?

I never… and I mean, never… dodge & burn. I just didn’t see the need to spend more time on editing when I’m so excited to post the portraits I take. Besides, if the objective to to brighten the highlights and darken the shadows even further, can’t I just use the curve tool?

I know somewhere in the universe there’s a retoucher who’s just cringing at my shallow definition of the exercise. Uxolo, friend.

I’ve been editing for a while and seemed to get more efficient at it, which frees up some time in post-processing. With that in mind, I thought I’d give it a go and see whether this “3D” look really adds to my images.

Check out the 3 examples from recent images below. Do you think it does?

PS : It’s subtle so… squint. Okay?

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Tarryn Lewis 2.0

This was my first creative shoot for the year 2020.

Tarryn and I have been trying to do an outdoor shoot after our first indoor one turned out so great. We just never got around to it until now.

Here’s what we managed to create this time around.

Gear used : D750, 35mm lens, Prism

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